Πέμπτη, 25 Μαρτίου 2010

Bands In Wonderland #11 (FALLING APART)

Πέμπτη (25-3-2010) 10-11 μ.μ.
Απόψε στους δέκτες σας συνέντευξη με τους FALLING APART. Να είστε εκεί...

We are a band of two from Greece (Aigio).We are playing music the last 10 years with our bands separate in many places in Greece and mostly in Athens.We are together as a band 1 year now. We are playing mostly unplugged (2 guitars and vocals) in this project. Our kind of music is about alternative rock to funk.We are playing covers from other bands and our songs too..

Toni Vlachos (Vocal, Guitar), Thanos Spyratos (Guitar)